A Little Love Goes A Long Way


Is there a point to love & Does Love really exist?

Does love really exist , I mean is it really there? Well of course it is! Its that feeling we get , when the suns just a little brighter , the sky a little bluer and the birds a little more chirpier right? Please that’s all cliché.

The real question(s) is / are : Why do we as humans feel this great urge to love other humans?Why do we feel the need to be loved and wanted? Isn’t it strange the power love has over us? Makes us want to be better people ; better human beings. We have this great urge to be with someone else , with all the qualities on our list(s) of our perfect man / woman. WHY? What makes humans feel this way? What makes us want this companionship so badly? Well the answer is in the question. We are companion animals. Dying for the acceptance of others. The undivided attention of others , their complete acknowledgment of our being. We live on the fact that another cannot live without us. How selfish of us. Not so?

Ever wonder why God made us this way? Maybe it was all so that we would understand the meaning that we are not the only important thing / entity in this world that there are others , more important things ; people , animals , nature , the world around us , the world we live in. Maybe it was so we could all see the bigger picture. That we could see that being selfish or self obsessed , is not the way to go. So that by embracing love we could give more , care more and really take responsibility for our actions. Wow , one man thought of all this so quickly I presume ? God is great.

So maybe , love does have a purpose after all , and it’ll one day come to me … Again. Until then I’ll wait in not so complete , or shall I say utter selfishness , for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet and open my eyes to the world or more and the reason for why we feel this way in the first place. Not like I don’t understand it now. 😉 Until then all you lovers enjoy God’s grace and his creation for he really is but genius … ♥