The Truth About Fear


Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams because your scared of stumbling along the way …



The Iron Fist of Male Domination …

So today , I went to visit a friend and the most shocking words came out of her mouth , ” I will be submissive to my husband “.

I know reading this you might be going, what? Why? Hold on , lemme explain.

This conversation started out merely by her saying a women needs to know how to cook. Then she went on to say no she is the only one that needs to know how and that quite frankly her opinion doesn’t count under her husbands roof! My other friend and I were ; may I say , flabbergasted. For being a feminist these words are poor evil. What have women fought for and worked towards if just to have yet another , educated women , dismissing their hard work and years of torment / torture under the iron fist of male domination?! I was really ticked off, for she of all people should know better.

We were taught in school to think for ourselves not to have a man tell us what to do , when to do it and how! However , she believes that’s the way life should be lead and I quote “men are wiser”. Who gave them that entitlement?

This world has been run by men from the beginning of its time. Just look where it is now, burning up in smoke!

She then went on to say , women should be subservient to their husbands because men have egos! What? This is absolute rubbish if they have such huge egos those egos should be bulldozed! How dare they take such precedence. Who gave them the right to top of the food chain so to speak?

It is because of men’s egos that the world is at war every corner you take! But no , she believes every man should go to war and fight because , wait for it , war makes a man brave! Not every man is made for war and war is just murder and bloodshed. A reminder of how evil our kind / species can be and how a man’s ego has ruined and is ruining God’s creation. I don’t call that wisdom nor greatness! Because no man thinks of it this way does he?All he cares about is his pride, his ego. Which it is because of , that we , must bend over backwards for these beings ! And mind you pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. So tell me where in lies the prodigiousness of the male species?

They would never be able to go a day without women so why then are we to be doormats to be walked all over?

Finally after much debate and many years we are seen on an equal footing but because of a man’s ego , we must say , ” Its ok , we’ll slave away in the kitchen for you the entire day and bare your bratty children while you achieve your dreams and I , well I’ll just do housework ” !

NOWAY! Never again shall a women be told how high to jump or when , off which cliff , without her asking why , because she has her own brain and her opinion does count!

How dare the man make her feel like she doesn’t count. What audacity! I will , when I disagree , say it with full confidence and if my husband disagrees with me then so what? He disagrees, but at least I have free will ! At least when one day , when I want to go somewhere I won’t have to ask my life partner ( who is supposed to love me because I am a ; confident , strong , able women ) if I may , because I can think for myself and am not a doormat.

Its not about dominance in a relationship its about being equal and compromise. Its about a man understanding and appreciating that we are humans too and we too have hopes and dreams and we all don’t only want to have children and sit at home all day. He needs to learn at some point to put his ego and pride aside and that he doesn’t always need to lead with an iron fist , that a heavy load is made lighter by sharing.

So to my friend , I hope and pray she sees the light and enters the 21st century and stops living in the 40’ies slaving in the kitchen all day with her apron on while at the same time running after her 2.5 kids.

There’s so much more to life then No Sir , Yes Sir.

Come on ladies. Let’s empower ourselves. You know you can do it! (•͡.̮ •͡ )

The Great Mind of Imagination …

Have you ever wondered if “crazy” people are really crazy or are the rest of us just blind , to the unknown/ unseen?

Now I’m not talking about those people who go around murdering others for kicks , so to speak ,  cause those people obviously do have a few screws loose upstairs . I’m talking about those people , who are in an asylum because they said they could hear / see ghosts or even God.

How much of this do we believe is true? How do we know they in fact are tarty? What proof is there ? Of course some of them are ; but what of those that give us some hard , cold facts ? Fo we still render them insane?

I think human beings are just afraid of the unknown and when we don’t know something/ someone we call it “Dangerous”. We say the person has a wild imagination he/she makes up great stories and is a threat to both the people he/ she loves and the ones he/she doesn’t even know.  And hence he/she should be locked up with the highest and tightest security in four walls dosed with medication daily; blocking off the centre of the brain that’s active that allows the person to see these “others ” . as well as weaken the person so they are lame and just lie in bed all day .

I just wonder how many “crazy ” people are actually crazy , and of those lot who are trying to save us from damnation and who is trying to lead us right into it .