The Importance of Being Grateful

We humans are such an ungreatful race . For most of us everything just isn’t even enough! i’m not talking about the man begging on the street corner but just normal civiillians. 

We have to ask ourselves where does it stop? Why are we so unhappy / ungrateful with our lot in life?Why are we constantly complaining about the things we can’t have and blamming it on God?Saying why cudn’t God have made me rich enough so i cud’ve gotten this ,that and the other?

Why cant we just be thankful that we have a roof over our heads , a wholesome meal , clothes to cover us and a warm bed to sleep in at night?

I know its normal to want better things in life , but then again who says they’re better anyway? Why are we as a race/ species so obsessed with showing our wealth to the world because really , if we didnt know any better a normal sized house and a not so expensive car would be just fine, we’d be satified. But because your neighbour has a better one you must show him up , aren’t i right.

Then we become so focused on what we dont have that we start hating what we do have and take out our frustrations on those closest to us because , we have fallen into the greatest trap made and held my none other than greed.

Why are we so focused on the concept that wealth equates to freedom?

I beg to differ greatly , I have seen people who have had a fair amount of money but the moment they became “rich” they started straying from the people who loved them the most . They became so wrapped in the idea of wealth that their eyes became shut to the finer and more important things in life and those that would bring them true joy. They forgot the most important of all to give thanks , because nothing was and will ever  be enough.To me that is not freedom but a form of dictatorship.

So You ask yourself what is more important ; Freedom or Wealth?

So in many cases ignorance is bliss. 😉

It would be a great attribute if people could see that you work to get where you are in life and that it doesn’t just come to you with a snap of your fingers. And once you have reached your goal(s) , we should be grateful for all that God has given us and allowed us to achieve in this lifetime. We should not curse others for doing better than ourselves for we should remember that we all had humble beginnings and where we are today is nothing short of a miricle. We should also remember that we are only in such a position because of our determination and should by no means allow greed to get the better of us.

So i leave you with a qoute by Henry Ward Beecher ;

” The unthankful heart… discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep
through the day and, as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every
hour, some heavenly blessings” ! 

When you’re feeling less then blessed with your lot in life remember this and that someone else always has it worse than you . 🙂





Have you ever felt that everything is never and wont ever be enough?

Yeah ,  that’s kinda how i feel at the mo’ . I’m so tired of everyone expecting me to lower my standards to make them feel happier , so they can say ; ” Yay , she has a boyfriend ” ,  just for the satisfaction of saying it . When all that ever does to me is make me weak and i , get my , feelings hurt . I’m , sick . And . Tired . Of it !

I’m just so sick of being pushed around , having my head messed with and my feelings being pulled in a million directions for the satisfaction of others . Because they think they know whats good for me and my life and the way i live it . I’m happy single , in fact i love it , no drama no mess . And as far as i’m concerned  , all men bring into your life is drama and pain! I just don’t have time for drama . I absolutely hate it !

I’m sick of being thrown at a million different guys who only desire one thing . All i wish for is some intelligence in this world . For men to understand that for most women sex is just not a thing we do but a physical act between two beings who love and respect each other . I wish that guys would see women as more than just sex objects . I’m so sick of it ! I just wish i could meet a man , with whom i could have decent conversation. But when i voice these opinions I’m being ridiculous , I’m the one with the snot nose , so to speak .

Yes i know its normal for humans to want to be with an individual eventually as we “mate” , so to speak for life , when “in love”  , but i just don’t see the damn point if its all guns and freaking robbers .

Why must i open myself up to someone when all it brings is pain and disaster ?

Then when you do like someone , they don’t like you or , get this  , they do , but cant tell you . Wow ! I’m supposed to just guess hey . Wtf . 

To make it worse i get told , i must just go out with someone for fun , because i take relationships / life too seriously ! Wth man ! Really who does that? that’s not me , how can you go into a relationship saying  ; ” Ok  , i think i’ll break up with the dude in a week or maybe a month from now ” . Really ? How in the world can you just juggle and play with someone’s feelings like that for fun? You know what i call that ? IMMATURITY! Hence my point , people need to grow up and fast in order to see what’s really important . Its because of stupidity like the above that the world and its inhabitants are so messed up and i refuse to be categorized amongst those fools .

So i say screw it and screw relationships with all these ‘A’holes’ who dono how to treat / even talk to women , and to those who dont agree with my decisions ; shame , you don’t live my life , nor do u wear my shoes everyday , so please grow a pair and mind your own business. 🙂