When You Feel The Need To Vent …

Have you ever thought about the different ways in which people vent or express their anger?

Think about it , many of us ; when angry excersize thereby letting or anger out in a healthier and friendlier way . Some of us walk it off . Others ;  however , get angry at the world and decide to go on a murder spree , literally .

There are those people in the world who may be angry with just one person in their lives , for example , their mother ; who they believe have not paid them enough attention and so grow till a certain age with a lot of insecurities and reasonable doubt that noone in their lives will ever love them . They try and try to love and be loved by many just so they can fill the void in their life filled by none other than the person who put it there that man years ago and left such horrible scars  , just to fail . When they encounter faillure , it is like a tape has been rewound in their head and so it plays over and over and they remember all the feelings of loss and jealously and so taketheir anger  out , in the most horrid ways , on those people whose love they so desperately craved .

These people are called serial killers , and they walk amongst us . Its a scary fact . Sometimes i sit and think how has such a human come to being? Then the answer comes to me . It is us , we have created monsters . Just think about the way we live our lives , we’re always busy and always wanting to achieve bigger and better things sometimes forgetting those that are important to us and when we dont achieve what we wished we would we take out our anger on those very people . Maybe not physically but verbally and so instill anger and hatred in that person .  Other times children grow up with violence and hecne become accustomed to it and believe it is normal .

For a second imagine a world where no murders ocurred no roberies , nothing frowned upon . How may i ask would the human race die? So we are our own way of natural , if you may , death . Its the circle of life . Sad , but yet again , true. AIDS amongst other diseases arent killing us off fast enough so , we have become our own worst enemy . We behave in a manner similar to animals in that we fight , but for nothing . Human beings are not the most wonderful race to set foot on earth , we kill our own Mothers and our children. We enter wars for political reasons and let the poor die from famine . This is the circle of life and survival of the fittest .

We may have rules and regulations , bound by law , but which country and its people aren’t corrupt even just a little ? who cannot be  bribed , because everyone has a price . Although we say noone is above the law , many like to think they are .

I’m not saying all humans are bad because thats not true just , that we are our own worst nightmare. If we wern’t so focused on what we dont have and were more appreciative of what we do , there would be less violence and more peace , love and happines.

What we do and what becomes of our lives is in our hands , lets all do something good for the world and make sure we live everyday to the fullest with lots of love and appreciation.