Love is when you know the worst in a person but still love them with all you’ve got …


Tired and Uninspired …

How many of you have felt like you wana say something but really don’t know how? or even better dono what! lol

Worse , when you want to say something and know what to say your means of doing so don’t work! that’s how i’ve been feeling for the past few weeks , inspiration lost and word-press n mobile not working made things can we say , a tad more difficult! even pictures didn’t wana upload!

Sad and frustrating , such is life at times but hey we all have to go through it . Get through the bumps in the road and enjoy them while going on them . Because sometimes those bumps push you in the direction of another greater endeavour more worthy of your time and effort.

I’m tryna find some inspiration … where to look though?