La Stressful Life …

Sometimes I find myself so stressed and angry about the little things in life, which of course to me seem like immense tasks. I find myself breaking my head over issues that shall come to pass instead of focusing on the now , obviously because ; from the very beginning , we are taught to think of the future and not live in the now .

Back in the olden days life was so much more peaceful when everyone was not competing with each other. when the person standing next to you wasn’t constantly trying to outshine you . Those were the days when friendship held true. People were true to their word and held honesty / truthfulness in high regard. Today this is not the case. In every corner you are bound to find some sort of debauchery. The absolute norm. Not even frowned upon. What have we come to?

Life has become so stressful , what with our; hectic schedule , the hustle and bustle the intense competition and just the blatant lack of peace.

As each year goes by the world population increases and people have less and less respect for one another. Everyone has become so self absorbed and only worries about “me ,me and ME”. We have forgotten what is really important.

Sometimes i catch myself thinking that life was indeed better in the “Good old days” and now i know why they call it so.