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Metamorphosis: the end is beginning

Tell Tale Therapy

“Barely a twelvemonth after
the seven days war that put the world to sleep…”

As a young human I liked to recite that poem and could well understand Muir’s Luddite longing for the old ways; the end of machine days and the return to horse and plough. But he was a Janus-faced optimist foreseeing a way forward in the way back. An animal-human relationship of willing servant and humbled master was just an idealism and in reality, there was only one way forward for the salvation of all animals. There had to be an end to Mankind.

By the twenty-first century, human multitudes were as a biological slime over the earth, colonising its every corner. Some made last-minute efforts to save the environment from the resulting, catastrophic pollutants. Well-meaning most of them, with their renewable energies and tree planting escapades but all the time more and more humans were being…

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Are we really happy and who has control over our destiny?

“No one ever forces you into doing something ” i said to a friend and he replied “That’s because you do whatever makes you happy in life”.

Really? i don’t believe this . I think our every action is governed by the people around us and their opinion of us but most importantly by the man above . aka God. 

Yes, we may very well think we are making our own choices, but, lets face it He knows what they are before we do and steers us in that direction without us even knowing it.

So again i question are we really happy? Is that really what we believe or is it just a notion we have become comfortable with.

Do we really have freedom of choice or is there a greater power out there making them(these choices) for us at all times? I ask this because with freedom of choice come happiness right? But then who said so?

Like for example what gave me this strong sense to write this blog?

Why am i doing it?

Does it / is it making me happy?

The life of routine we lead , is that something you felt the need/want for or was that actually chosen for you? Think about it. 

Every breath, Every heart beat , and Every blink of the eyelid occurs without you even having to think to do  so . So who is in charge of this?

Like the above scenario who is in charge of your happiness, and are you really happy?

We make decisions that will not only make us happy but our friends and family as well . So are we, ourselves, truly happy?

Did the choice i made today take into account my real feelings or only slightly so that those around me aren’t as affected , be it negatively or positively?

I may one day live in a fancy house have all my needs catered for me but i wont be happy . i wonder why . I guess happiness lies within the person and what they truly wan at the end of the day. you may have achieved many things in life but if you haven’t gotten what you have and will always want i can say with much certainty that you will never be happy. So go out there and search for what really makes your life that much better. Fight for what you believe in. Live and love life to the fullest because life is short and we don’t know when it is going to end.