Not My Circus Not My Monkeys.

I kindly ask you to cancel my subscriptions to your issues because , frankly speaking , they’re not my problem.

Don’t you hate those people who are always in such a negative state of mind & come speed balling into your life knocking anyone and everyone out around them with their negative auror?

They always have the knack of bringing in unnecessary drama because they clearly have nothing better to do & the negative energy within and around them is just eating them up inside and when you alert them to this they turn the situation on you.

I mostly ignore those people & try my hardest not to allow them to get under my skin but sometimes its so hard because the things they say are both untrue but also very nasty.

Of course they’re behaving that way because they’re insecure with themselves as human beings and where they are in life but being negative really isn’t really going to help much & continually bringing others down to make yourself feel better says much more about you then the person you’re trying to bring down.

These people tend to lose out a lot in life. They lose out on the moments they could be happy. They lose out on living as care free and as stress free a life as possible. Because in our stressed out world / life wouldn’t we all wanna live that way? They also tend to push away people who genuinely care(d) for them. They tend to lose contact with God, for they don’t believe anything can turn their situation around.

The worst part is they never see it as their fault because they’re so caught up in their own dramatic negativity bubble they think they’re right all the time.

Unhappiness within our own life will lead us to find happiness in forbidden places.

Its a downward spiral really and so I have chosen not to deal with people who crave drama and negativity in their lives because , life is honestly too short to be angry over nonsensical issues & to be bothered by other peoples constant rubbish which they just create for flair.

Live your life to the fullest & don’t bring people who bring you down with you. You should only surround yourself with those who are filled with positive energy and those people who truly love and care for you. For those people are the ones who know what truly makes you happy in life and who won’t be interested in bringing you down.

Remember keep smiling. 🙂