Trust No B*

The only truth in this world is that you can’t trust anyone.

No, it has nothing to do with insecurity or an overzealous paranoid personality. This is just a fact.

No matter how hard you try and be nice or even thoughtful to others , they will always be waiting for the time to stab you in the back. I’m quite sure if they had the chance they’d quite literally do it as well. With pleasure.

Everyone is happy to use you until they have aquired what they need from you and once they have they will show you who they truly are.

Humans are constantly turning on one another like vipers stuck in a pit, because these people are sadistic and power hungry but most especially selfish.

Stay away from them at all costs.

In fact stay away from people.

Throughout my childhood I was teased for having few friends but I already knew from then it’s better to have fewer people around you who are true then many who are fake.

I often don’t interact with humans because this is how people behave on the daily . Selfish and unkind. Always out to get you.

We humans love to say how we’re better than not only each other but animals yet many simply can’t even begin to understand we never were on their level to begin with. ✌

It may sound ridiculous but you know it’s true the only person you can count on, is you.

I’m not saying never help anyone , but know your limits and stick to them with all your might,  because once others see you’re helpful and kind they will abuse it just for selfish means. Never forget this.