The Beauty Of Animals

I love animals so much they r the only creatures in this world that completely understand the forces of nature and never take more than what it gives, yet humans r so selfish all we think about is Me Me Me!Animal are the most beautiful fascinating creatures God has ever created. While they may not / cannot vocalise their love they really show it. They live in harmony with what god has given them and where god has placed them. They r grateful for yet another day on this wonderful earth. Yet humans , all we do is steal, kill and corrupt and find new more interesting ways to destroy this beautiful planet , the one and ONLY place we can call home. Why would God give us a place so beautiful just to destroy it?! He wouldn’t. He would expect us to love and care for the treasure he has given us and look after this wonderful ball of life. Instead its burning up in flames. We r destroyers of life. Destructive forces of nature. Shameful creatures we r. We should all take a page out of an animals’ book and learn to love the world more look after it , heal it instead of destroying the very thing we live in.

We should all try to be more aware of our impact around us & in the world and.

When we learn to stop ALWAYS thinking about ourselves and more about the bigger picture and about those around us and the consequences of our actions maybe then the world will finally become whole again. When we stop dismissing important things to do menial others that will keep our concentration for a little while and when we think about the future and not only on here and now we will see there is more to life then TV and that we don’t actually need to drive our cars to go to the store around the corner because we’re too lazy to walk there. If we take just a minute out of our busy little lives to appreciate it and the magnificence that’s within it we will finally be able to open our eyes to what’s really important and what we should be taking care of if we want to see more of it for longer and believe me,once you’ve finally stepped into the light you will.