That which does not belong

Ever wonder why the human mind has the need to “borrow”…

It may start off as innocent , a piece of clothing here , a coin there…

“I’ll return it” the voice in your head says …

I’m sure most people do … but what about those, the handful of those people, that escalate from simple “borrowing”? 

What drives you , how do you even begin such things… next thing you know ur 60 and kidnapping children.

How does th human mind just tick how does one go so wrong?

Are these people absolutely afraid to be alone fired by their cleptomania, that has just escalated over the years? I reckon it’s something much deeper and psychological.

I’m completely flabbergasted by the idea of this and the fact that some people actually go out of their way to take that which does not belong to them. They create the most devious plans and create havoc , which they know will bring, only them, joy yet pain and suffering onto their victims ( again this gives them happiness and a sense of satisfaction).

I sit and wonder how did the world become so sadistic and how could a creation made my God be so cruel and monumentally messed up?

I really have come to believe we are we an abomination of nature, made to destroy that which we touch, smell and even see.

We have th capability to destroy that of innocence and purity yet also the ability to justify. I again find myself asking how?

Are we to live our lives completely frightened / scared that we may be murdered, kidnapped or highjacked on the daily? That’s not even all the frightening things around us!

Why do we as human beings conflict so much pain and suffering onto one another and why do we get so much joy from it?

We say animals are barbaric and cruel, yet animals never take more than necessarry and they understand the true meaning of the idiom “Y


have to be cruel to

be kind”.

How do Criminal minds work and what makes them tick. What makes them think /believe you , your property ,or even ur family members actually belong to them.

Have they gone through a bad childhood , a stressful event in their lives or are they born that way,call It nature’s way of seeding out the population , so to speak.

I guess we’ll never really know the true answer to that question, but it’ll always intrigue me as to how some people can be as cruel and devoid of a soul as they are.

STOP Killing Our Wildlife

Why do humans believe we are superior and that we have  the right to kill innocent beings?

It makes me sick to my stomach that  people,  educated people , continue to support the poaching of innocent animals who have an equal if not greater right to be on this earth than us humans do. Seeing as they arrived here first and manged to look after it so well . So unselfishly .

Why must we humans be so destructive and evil .

The poor Rhino in Africa are nearly extinct because of human ignorance and pure greed, nothing else.  Or maybe I could add utter stupidity!

I have absolutely had it with these people thinking the horns ,made purely of keratin  ( like our fingernails and hair)calcium and melatonin  can cure; cancer, typhoid,increase sex drive and even cure headaches!  That is what we have modern medicine for! ! All the above ,so called uses for the horn have been proven false and you might as well just eat your fingernails!

Our rhino numbers are extremely vulnerable and if this poaching continues as is these gentle giants will become extinct in just a few years!

I am horrified at humans and to see how we lack humanity and how we refuse to acknowledge their belonging on this earth! As well as the fact that they originated well before our time . If that’s not testimont to their importance ,I’m not sure what is! 

Why must humans always resort to violence? Why do we believe we own the right to everything including taking someone else’s life?

Surely that immediately places us lower than animals . Why must we always think we’re better and take more than we need and deserve?

I am so sick and tired of this sense of entitlement.
We Have completely destroyed our planet simply because we’re selfish.

Look at our tiger numbers! Dwindling! Such magnificent creatures required e see essentially for the greater good of the world.  Saving tigers inadvertently means saving ourselves. 

Maybe if we thought future than our noses we’d see the bigger picture! 

Only when there are no more trees or water will we Begin to see the damage we have done but alas too late . For, it is already too late for us , this abomination of nature . Nothing can help us.  We were made to destroy ,even ourselves.