Unconditional Love

Ever loved so much you feel paralysed?

i have , i do and its very scary.

People will say i’m crazy because a person who is not usually emotionally charged but everything changes with a glimpse of my kids big beautiful  i sure love them. I say kids because i feel like they are my children , they sure feel like it. Feed them , bath them , play with them , teach them the correct way of behaving and of course clean up after them.

Can you guess who i’m talking about?




My animals . I love them irrevocably and to think tomorrow i have to leave their lives in the hands of my parents and go back to university. It scares me. Although i know they’re capable its just i’m worried they won’t be the same when i return.

My sister has also just moved out and i relied on her greatly and of course so did my parents but now its all in their hands and that’s a scary thought.

Not because they don’t like pets but because they’ve come to rely on us too! They’ve become used to us knowing when to go to the vet , the quantity to feed when to bath , how often , playing with the dogs , exercising them etc .

Its all just so much  to take in and i feel like the emotional part of my brain is going to flow over and explode from all this anxiety and pain of leaving my kids!! 

Its that feeling when you’re child leaves the nest for the first time. No safety net and no one to catch him/her when she falls .

Love is a crippling thing,but it also in many facets makes you strong.

i will miss my angels dearly ; their morning kisses , the way they are so excited to see me as if i’m the most loved person in the world but at least i will see them soon. I just have to have faith that they’re in good hands and may the Lord above look upon them and bless them with health and lots of love. That is a mother’s wish.