I Cannot Let It Go !

The hype had hit , everyone was spellbound and there was real frenzy at the premier of the movie ” Frozen” so naturally everyone thought its bound to be fantastic.

However; after all this time, when the hype has died down and I have finally gotten the chance to watch it I am nothing less than disgusted at the pathetic and useless attempt by Disney to create somewhat of a classic that , by chance became a box office hit because of its star cast, which I am still quite confused as to how they even managed to pull that off.

From the moment I started watching the movie I was immediately turned off by the absolutely annoying “music” introducing Disney that just continued into the film .

I felt that majority of Disney’s movies actually had greater depth to their story lines with narrators ,meaning and morals from which children could learn . This one however, focused way too much on trying to be “cool” , current , and the language used was not of the callibre a normal Disney character would use.

Call me shallow , but you would think with all the technology at hand the characters could atleast be good looking and not so neanderthal like. No Offence. The only “ok” looking Character, and that too only after she became Queen , was Elsa. What was up with her over zealous dressing for an animated character, i’ve never seen this before.
Again , what message are we trying to send to our children?

Walt Disney himself would be turning in his grave if he had to see this fail.

As a Disney fan I am so disheartened by this pathetic excuse for a film , whose lack of depth called for even sillier songs that went on forever .

I got the message about sisterly love as I having a sister understand that bond but at the end of the day they still didnt qaulify Elsa as Ana’s True love hence defeating the entire purpose of a very long winded and pointless movie!

I am honestly happy I grew up in the era I did, because atleast I got to see real talent , classics, beauty , stories with meaning, morals and truths to them. Stories filled with true love and hope, unlike today’s excuse for Disney filled with mostly violence and frivolous affairs, as seen in Frozen.

This movie stole 102 minutes of my life I will never get back !! An absolute waste! I would never recommend it to anyone.