Over It

sometimes you just feel tired. Tired of fighting for what you want because it always feels like you’re received with a slap in the face!


sometimes you’re just over it.

over trying, over achieving , over doing everything and everything. Sometimes you just want it to stop  and be over.


Sometimes it really does feel like life sucks and then you die .


But then you gotta remember the day you stop fighting is the day you allow the other person to win , so preserver and don’t give up . Find strength in God and continue to win , continue to dream and believe in them and hopefully all your hard work will one day pay off.





Cinderella didn’t have to take off her dress to find her prince charming , and neither do you.

It’s baffling top me why so many women believe a strip show and a quick trip to the bedroom always gets you the guy you want and dream of .


You need not stoop to such lows. If he really wanted you , he would wait , respect you and your life choices.

The problem with this world is, that men are too used to getting what they want when they want. They use their manlyhood as a source of power and authority over women who are seen as weak and in many cases helpless!

Our “Job” as Housewife has long changed, and quite drammatically so , over the past decade. We are enducated , strong females. We should feel empowered by this and know that we don’t need to be layed down to get what we want , we can also stand sure and equally footed.  When we realise this , men will see us as more than just sex tools and house wives and treat us with some much deserved respect.  If women hold to there part they too will see the same results. When we believe so will everybody else.

Its begins and ends with us . We need to lead by example and not get carried away my man’s empty promises. Lets have something to be proud of and not a shadow of shame. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of low self esteem nd self loathing , which men so cleverly use against us. Lets be wiser.

The right man will come along as Prrince Charming did Cinderella, and he will respect you .

My advice , wait for that man , your very own Pince Charming and don’t give every other the benefit of the doubt . 🙂